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Sentiment analysis comparison

Forex sentiment analysis can be a useful tool to help traders understand and act on price behavior. While applying sound technical and fundamental analyses is key, having an additional feel for the market consensus can add depth to a trader’s view of forex and other markets. We outline what the market’s perception is, how it relates to foreign exchange trading, and what are the top sentiment indicators.

Market sentimentdefines how investors feel about a particular market or financial instrument. , consensus becomes more positive. Similarly, if market participants start having a negative attitude, the sentiment may turn negative.

As such, traders use sentiment analysis to define a market as bullish or bearish, with a bear market characterized by assets going down, and a bull market by prices going up. Traders can gauge market sentiment by using a range of tools such as sentiment indicators (see below), and by simply watching the movement of the markets, using the resulting information to make their decisions.

Currency analysis can be directly translated into currency pairs, even though it is not unique to the foreign exchange market. Contrarian investors will look for a rush to buy or sell a specific currency pair, while waiting for the sentiment to take a position in the opposite direction.

The rising sentiment may mean that some traders are left to pursue the trend. In this case, traders may want to watch for a price reversal. On the other hand, a price moving lower, showing signals that it has topped may prompt a sentiment trader to enter short. The chart below shows an example of a EUR / USD pair experiencing pure positive sentiment.

Sentiment indicators are numerical or graphic representations of how optimistic or pessimistic traders are about market conditions. This can refer to the percentage of trades that have taken a given position in a currency pair. For example, 70% of traders going long and 30% going short will simply mean 70% of traders are long on the currency pair.

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